In 1989, the tech industry was in its infancy. In their spare time, brothers Mark and Greg Kunzelmann, both accountants at the time, began building computers for friends and colleagues. Soon afterward, they started a small business developing custom workstations for other businesses. Next, they started to refurbish printers, photocopiers, and toner cartridges, while installing and maintaining some of the earliest inter-office networks.

After two decades, KDT Solutions is widely known as a quality service provider of customized business technology. With a diverse client base, KDT Solutions strives to deliver technology solutions that are custom-tailored to the specific needs of each client. KDT offers no canned solutions or cookie-cutter approaches just an understanding that no two businesses are alike.

KDT has a solutions portfolio and professional staff to satisfy the most demanding client needs. This commitment goes beyond quality products and experienced staff. We strive to provide honest and thorough advice with respect to budget and an eye for value. KDT has earned the trust of clients by responding quickly to emergencies and by using their expertise to prevent them in the first place.

With KDT, history has proven there is a better way.

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