Areas of Expertise

Network Design, Implementation, Management, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
KDT has the experience and knowledge to design, implement, and support cost-effective, powerful, and reliable technology solutions that fit your specific needs. Our job is to solve problems, not to sell products. We prefer to maximize the value of existing assets and suggest cost-effective ways to improve your network. We can continue to manage and maintain your network in an as-needed or continual capacity as part of our Managed IT programs.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization
Server virtualization allows KDT to build highly available systems for a lower cost than replacing individual servers. The advantages of a virtual environment are high availability, rapid scalability, streamlined management, and lower cost.

Remote Computing and Application Delivery
You can work anywhere with KDT. We can help you access all your essential work software and files as long as you have an Internet connection. This can be done safely and securely, allowing you to maximize your productivity anywhere at anytime. KDT can even remotely deliver and upgrade software on your network seamlessly without stepping foot in your office.

Cloud Services
KDT can help you determine which cloud services make sense for your environment and successfully integrate them with your other systems. KDT built its first cloud service in 2005, the E-mail Protection Service (EPS), in response to the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. At the time, it was not cost-effective for most companies to have their own backup e-mail system. The EPS system filtered SPAM and viruses while providing a way to send and receive e-mail when your mail server was off line. We now have many other cloud services in our portfolio of solutions, including hosted exchange, cloud storage, and cloud-based virtual servers for production and disaster recovery.

Network Security, Firewalls, and Spam Filtration
KDT can ensure the security of your network. Whether using the latest anti-virus malware programs on workstations or protecting your network with a firewall, KDT can ensure the integrity of your network. KDT also offers cloud-based SPAM and virus filtration on your e-mail system.

Disaster Recovery
KDT has the experience to assist with the development and implementation of an effective and comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Each organization’s needs are unique depending on the type of business, geographical location, and customer base. It is always better to plan for a disaster than to pick up the pieces afterwards.

High Availability
The design and implementation of highly available systems is a KDT specialty. We work to determine the best way to protect an organization’s important systems and critical data. Then, we design a cost-effective solution to meet their unique needs. Some of the tools we use to accomplish this are replication, clustering, disaster recovery sites, cloud services, and creative thinking. It is essential that these systems are clearly documented, maintained, and tested so they are ready when you need them.

Locally Based Help Desk
KDT Solutions offers a West Palm Beach based emergency help desk. No long-distance calls and no change in time zones, just dependable KDT service. The KDT help desk is even available after hours with a service agreement.

Custom Database Design
Is disorganization harming your productivity? Do you have too many files in various locations? KDT can design a custom database to hold all your information in an easy-to-search format.

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